Feel free to book my online art classes for children aged 5 to 14. These tailored art classes are to be held virtually at my home in Flat Bush, Auckland and available all throughout NZ. This is an opportunity for your child being able to have fun creating art, explore and learn new art techniques as they go along. Classes consist of drawing and painting techniques and are taught in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels depending upon you child's expertise in art. Students are expected to have their own art supplies for online classes. I can teach a class individually and to age groups up to 8 children as well. Classes are to be taught on either Zoom or Google Meet.
•5-10 minute drawing exercises.
•Line/contour drawing.
•Cross-hatching and shading drawing.
•Blind contour drawing. This activity is aimed for students at an advanced level.
•Coloured pencil and crayon drawing.
•Acrylic and watercolour painting techniques. This activity is an introduction to basic painting techniques that we involves paints, brushes and sponges onto paper.
•Colour mixing exercises involving paints and brushes.
•Still-life drawing and painting. This activity is aimed at all levels as children get to learn the foundations of objective drawing, for instance, depicting any tangible object or a flower.
•Portrait and animal art. Children will learn the basics of figurative drawing such as depicting people’s face and animals.
•Abstract painting.
1 hour class for $25
3 classes for $55
5 classes for $85
10 classes for $170
​​​​​​​Special discounts are also available for groups of siblings by request. Please let me know to arrange a price.
A link will be sent through to parents by email to access first online class. Supervision is required for students aged 5 and 6 throughout classes. 
Classes start at 4:15pm and finishes at 5:15pm weekdays and anytime during the school holidays. Let me know to arrange a class on a particular day and time. Allow students being present online at least 5 minutes before art class, so that we can get started promptly on time.
Do not hesitate to reach me out if you have any questions regarding the classes. Rest assured, these classes are mostly designed for children to have fun, learn and master art techniques and gain confidence. 
I'm also currently available to take up freelance art commissions. I am able to produce children’s & commercial illustrations and other commissioned works.
To book my art classes and freelancing services or find out more about pricing, then please contact me on 021 180 4246, by sending a direct message on the contact form or through email by tapping the mail icon below. I will manage to respond to you as soon as possible. 
Thank you.
Thank you for submitting your request. You will hear from me shortly. Regards,Carolina
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