​​​​​​​Artist based in Auckland. Born in Peru, moved to NZ with my mum and siblings in 1997. I produce abstract paintings and also drawings involving animals, people, flowers and still-life. Art has always been part of my life as I have had started to draw from a young age. 
My inspirations regarding my art practice emanate from photography, fashion, music, landscape sightings, nature, still-life, animals and cartoons. In terms of personal touch, I delve into several art styles and mediums within.
I have been using graphite, water-based and coloured pencils, ballpoint and marker pens for my drawings on paper. Acrylics, varnish and most recently, watercolour are also mediums that I usually incorporate into my paintings. I also use the digital art softwares such as Illustrator® when producing vector drawings and rendering some of my pieces. I mostly produce works under the name of CARO and as well as my birth name.
Diploma of Arts and Design (Advanced), 2009 & Certificate of Arts and Design, 2006
Whitecliffe College, NZ

Certificate in Fashion Technology, 2004
Auckland University of Technology, NZ​​​​​​​
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